Useful Tips For Securing Your Home

Security in the home is of paramount importance to everyone. Home is the place you come to for peace, relaxation and family time, and it’s important that the entire family can be able to unwind and relax assured of safety while at home. But how can you ensure security in the home? It’s simple, you have to ensure that all your security features are functional and in top-notch condition.


Since you may not know much about locks, security and possible burglar entry points in order to proof the house, it’s advisable to have an inspection done by a professional who knows what to look for, as well as the common burglar MOs for your residential area.


Now, because this person you hire is going to be responsible for your home’s security, it’s important to make sure you have a licensed professional from a reputable establishment. Many homeowners have been conned by posers, who charge them more than double what the services should cost.


Here are some things you can ask your locksmith to do for you once they arrive, and of course ask them if there’s anything extra they think you need since every home is different.


Main Entryways

While the house’s main doors will not be the only places you should be concerned with, they are certainly the most important. Ask the locksmith to install deadbolts on your front and back doors, accessible only from the inside to keep intruders out. The locksmith should ensure that these locks are installed at least 40 inches away from windows/glass compartments so that even if glass is broken the lock still can’t be reached. If your doors are built of hollow wood, replace them with steel or solid wooden doors which are not so easily kicked in.



Your windows should also have locks, and since windows can only be glass, you may proof them by installing steel bars on the outside so intruders can’t get in even if they break the glass. If you like the feel of completely open window spaces, you may opt to have steel bars that can open, but be sure to lock them when away or at night.


Security Systems

Hire a locksmith with the expertise to install an active security alarm system according to your budget. This might include installing a safe for you treasured possessions. It should be burglar and fireproof, and you should keep your valuables in there and keep its location and passcodes secret. Especially for large houses, a security alarm system is a useful way of ensuring safety.


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