What To Do When You Lose Your Car Keys

Losing your car keys can be terrifying and frustrating when you can’t gain access to your car. The experience usually causes a lot of inconvenience on your part. Usually the only option left is for you to replace the lost keys. You can do this through a key vendor, dealer or auto locksmith. Before approaching any of these, you need to make note of the VIN number of your car.


Take Details Of Your Car


VIN stands for vehicle identification number. It is a unique number and no two cars can have the same number. To find the number, look on the dashboard just below the car’s steering wheel. You can actually read it through the car window. If you cannot find or see it clearly, check at the front part of your car’s engine. The number may also be on the space between the windscreen washer and carburetor.


Find A Locksmith


Car dealers do stock spare keys for different types of cars that they deal with. A locksmith would be a cheaper alternative. A locksmith needs the VIN number to enable him cut a replacement key. If your car uses a keyless remote control, you still need the number for the locksmith to reprogram a new key. Finding a locksmith is not hard. These professionals are listed on telephone directories or online.


Online Key Replacements


There are online firms that deal with motor car key replacements. Search online and find one that deals with the type and make of your car. That means you need details such as the make, model, type and year of manufacture. Once you have found the best car key replacement service, you need to provide your car’s VIN number.


Use A Car Dealer


The other option would be to use the dealership where you bought your car. Dealerships are some of the safest places. Chances of someone making more than one duplicate for own intentions are very slim. All you have to provide is the VIN number, your identification and car ownership documents. Once the dealership ascertains that you bought the car, you could even get a discount on the replacement fee.


As you can see, there is no need to panic over a car key loss. If you noticed you have lost the key while you’re away from home, call a friend to come and pick you up. Make sure that the car is in a safe location and get in touch with us to help.


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