Jobs You Need An Auto Locksmith For

Chances are most of us will experience problems with our car keys; in fact, research published by BMG Car Insurance found that out of a poll of 2000 drivers 26% admitted to losing their keys whilst one in 20 had had their keys stolen.


This is where auto locksmiths come in. We specialise in providing locksmith services to vehicles and deal with a range of problems including replacement car keys, locking your keys in your car and damaged keys. They provide these services for cars, vans, motorcycles, scooters, trucks and caravans.


Replacement Keys


This can be quite a complex process due to the complex technology of modern car keys; however auto locksmiths can order, cut and programe a new key.  Sometimes it is only the blade that needs to be replaced rather than the whole remote, which keeps costs down. Getting replacement keys from an auto locksmith is also a much cheaper option than replacing the keys through the car dealership which can sometimes cost hundreds of pounds, depending on the make of vehicle.


New Spare Key


It’s highly recommended that you have a spare key to your vehicle. If you’ve only got one key left then replacing it sooner rather than later using an auto locksmith is a good idea.


Lost Car Keys


Lost your car keys? Not only will a specialist auto locksmith be able to cut you a new set of keys, they can also ensure that the new keys are the only ones that can be used by removing the previous set of keys from the vehicle database.


Locking Your Keys In The Vehicle


An auto locksmith is trained to pick the lock of any make of vehicle with the latest picks. They won’t drill or damage your door.


Damaged Or Broken Keys

Keys become damaged through wear and tear and eventually break; auto locksmith can repair your key if this happens and reprogram remote key fobs. If you notice that the blade is beginning to bend, it’s best to get them replaced before they break entirely.


Keys Stuck In Ignition


Whether the key snaps or simply won’t budge, an auto locksmith can solve the problem. Either they will fix or replace the ignition, or cut / reprogram a new key.


Rectify Immobiliser Faults


To prevent a car from being hotwired, the immobiliser is connected to a number of control systems. Auto locksmiths will have diagnostic equipment to read any faults in the ECU or engine; they can then repair them.


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