Jobs You Need An Auto Locksmith For

Chances are most of us will experience problems with our car keys; in fact, research published by BMG Car Insurance found that out of a poll of 2000 drivers 26% admitted to losing their keys whilst one in 20 had had their keys stolen.


This is where auto locksmiths come in. We specialise in providing locksmith services to vehicles and deal with a range of problems including replacement car keys, locking your keys in your car and damaged keys. They provide these services for cars, vans, motorcycles, scooters, trucks and caravans.


Replacement Keys


This can be quite a complex process due to the complex technology of modern car keys; however auto locksmiths can order, cut and programe a new key.  Sometimes it is only the blade that needs to be replaced rather than the whole remote, which keeps costs down. Getting replacement keys from an auto locksmith is also a much cheaper option than replacing the keys through the car dealership which can sometimes cost hundreds of pounds, depending on the make of vehicle.


New Spare Key


It’s highly recommended that you have a spare key to your vehicle. If you’ve only got one key left then replacing it sooner rather than later using an auto locksmith is a good idea.


Lost Car Keys


Lost your car keys? Not only will a specialist auto locksmith be able to cut you a new set of keys, they can also ensure that the new keys are the only ones that can be used by removing the previous set of keys from the vehicle database.


Locking Your Keys In The Vehicle


An auto locksmith is trained to pick the lock of any make of vehicle with the latest picks. They won’t drill or damage your door.


Damaged Or Broken Keys

Keys become damaged through wear and tear and eventually break; auto locksmith can repair your key if this happens and reprogram remote key fobs. If you notice that the blade is beginning to bend, it’s best to get them replaced before they break entirely.


Keys Stuck In Ignition


Whether the key snaps or simply won’t budge, an auto locksmith can solve the problem. Either they will fix or replace the ignition, or cut / reprogram a new key.


Rectify Immobiliser Faults


To prevent a car from being hotwired, the immobiliser is connected to a number of control systems. Auto locksmiths will have diagnostic equipment to read any faults in the ECU or engine; they can then repair them.


What To Do When You Lose Your Car Keys

Losing your car keys can be terrifying and frustrating when you can’t gain access to your car. The experience usually causes a lot of inconvenience on your part. Usually the only option left is for you to replace the lost keys. You can do this through a key vendor, dealer or auto locksmith. Before approaching any of these, you need to make note of the VIN number of your car.


Take Details Of Your Car


VIN stands for vehicle identification number. It is a unique number and no two cars can have the same number. To find the number, look on the dashboard just below the car’s steering wheel. You can actually read it through the car window. If you cannot find or see it clearly, check at the front part of your car’s engine. The number may also be on the space between the windscreen washer and carburetor.


Find A Locksmith


Car dealers do stock spare keys for different types of cars that they deal with. A locksmith would be a cheaper alternative. A locksmith needs the VIN number to enable him cut a replacement key. If your car uses a keyless remote control, you still need the number for the locksmith to reprogram a new key. Finding a locksmith is not hard. These professionals are listed on telephone directories or online.


Online Key Replacements


There are online firms that deal with motor car key replacements. Search online and find one that deals with the type and make of your car. That means you need details such as the make, model, type and year of manufacture. Once you have found the best car key replacement service, you need to provide your car’s VIN number.


Use A Car Dealer


The other option would be to use the dealership where you bought your car. Dealerships are some of the safest places. Chances of someone making more than one duplicate for own intentions are very slim. All you have to provide is the VIN number, your identification and car ownership documents. Once the dealership ascertains that you bought the car, you could even get a discount on the replacement fee.


As you can see, there is no need to panic over a car key loss. If you noticed you have lost the key while you’re away from home, call a friend to come and pick you up. Make sure that the car is in a safe location and get in touch with us to help.


Locked Out in the Rain?

Let an Auto Locksmith Get You Back on the Road


If you have ever locked yourself out of your car, you can appreciate the frustration that it leads to. It is mental torture especially in today’s highly mobile society. Sod’s law dictates that lock outs usually happen just when you have a deadline to make or a meeting to attend.


Critical Role of Auto Locksmiths


This is the reason the services of auto locksmiths have become so fundamental in modern society. Not only do we ensure you get back on the road but we also help you avoid safety risks if a lockout occurs in an insecure location.


The traditional role of your local auto locksmith has changed gradually. The Auto Locksmith Association (ALA) lists more services offered by their members including:


Diagnosis of electric lock problems:

With the need for enhanced safety and driver comfort, car manufacturer’s have introduced electronic door systems. This means that you need specialist locksmith services when a door problem arises to avoid exacerbating the problem. Issues such as ECU programming and transponder key issues are also no big deal for these experts.


Key cutting for replacement:

If you have misplaced your keys, you cannot just visit any key cutter. You need a specialist in auto locks to ensure the replacement car keys work perfectly with your lock system. These specialists are highly trained in all types of locks and this will not take long.


Locked-in car keys:

With specialist tools, they will be able to manipulate the door lock and get your keys out.


Jammed keys:

This is a common problem especially with older car models. Instead of struggling and breaking the key, you just need to call a local auto locksmith to get the problem solved.


Emergency services:

Imagine you are at a friend’s party and you forget car keys inside the car. When you are leaving at night, you will have to either break the windows or call an emergency auto locksmith for prompt services.


Auto lock experts make life easier even when you think you are done for. In short, you need always to have the number of your trusted locksmith on quick dial in case a problem arises.


Maximizing on Professionalism


You might be wondering why you need to go to all this trouble when there are key cutters all over London. Auto locksmiths undergo training in NCFE accredited institutions and get certification to practice.


They also have affiliation with professional bodies such as the Institute of Certified Locksmiths (ICL), Auto Locksmith Association UK (ALA) and Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) among others. This guarantees professional service. They also have the expertise and resources to deal with any auto lock issue for any car model in the UK.


Why take chances with a shady locksmith? Let a professional work for you, get in touch with us today for our range of services.

Useful Tips For Securing Your Home

Security in the home is of paramount importance to everyone. Home is the place you come to for peace, relaxation and family time, and it’s important that the entire family can be able to unwind and relax assured of safety while at home. But how can you ensure security in the home? It’s simple, you have to ensure that all your security features are functional and in top-notch condition.


Since you may not know much about locks, security and possible burglar entry points in order to proof the house, it’s advisable to have an inspection done by a professional who knows what to look for, as well as the common burglar MOs for your residential area.


Now, because this person you hire is going to be responsible for your home’s security, it’s important to make sure you have a licensed professional from a reputable establishment. Many homeowners have been conned by posers, who charge them more than double what the services should cost.


Here are some things you can ask your locksmith to do for you once they arrive, and of course ask them if there’s anything extra they think you need since every home is different.


Main Entryways

While the house’s main doors will not be the only places you should be concerned with, they are certainly the most important. Ask the locksmith to install deadbolts on your front and back doors, accessible only from the inside to keep intruders out. The locksmith should ensure that these locks are installed at least 40 inches away from windows/glass compartments so that even if glass is broken the lock still can’t be reached. If your doors are built of hollow wood, replace them with steel or solid wooden doors which are not so easily kicked in.



Your windows should also have locks, and since windows can only be glass, you may proof them by installing steel bars on the outside so intruders can’t get in even if they break the glass. If you like the feel of completely open window spaces, you may opt to have steel bars that can open, but be sure to lock them when away or at night.


Security Systems

Hire a locksmith with the expertise to install an active security alarm system according to your budget. This might include installing a safe for you treasured possessions. It should be burglar and fireproof, and you should keep your valuables in there and keep its location and passcodes secret. Especially for large houses, a security alarm system is a useful way of ensuring safety.


Locked Out Of Your Car? Here’s What To Do

It’s Monday morning and you’re already behind time, the kids need to be taken to school or you’re standing outside the grocery store, arms full and you get that sinking feeling – you locked the keys inside the car.


Locking car keys inside the car is actually more common that you think, and in keeping with Murphy’s Law, can hit at the most inopportune of times. Depending on the car-lock system installed on your car, you may be able to get access into it but many times you will need a locksmith to help you. Below are some pointers on what to do in such scenarios, and how to avoid them altogether.

What to do when you are locked out of your car


Here’s what you can do (other than using the power of your mind to will the keys out through that small space on your window):


  1. If the car locks resemble small buttons on the window ledge, you should be able to unlock the car using a straightened coat hanger, with a small hook folded into one end. The straightened hanger is then inserted hook first into the rubber skirting around the side window. Loop the hook on the door button carefully and pull upwards when in place.
  2. If you have access to the boot of the car and your rear seats are movable, you may be able to get into through there, or push some tool to access the door lock with. This is useful if your trunk has a manual lock-unlock mechanism. Another tip might be to hide a spare key in your car boot as a back up for your lost car keys.
  3. If your door-lock buttons that are depressed on the car door, you have no option but to engage the services of a professional emergency locksmith. Such services are usually available round the clock.
  4. If your clothes hanger method is not bearing fruit after a few tries, it’s better to abandon it and call on a professional. If your keep trying without knowing what you’re touching or prodding you may end up ruining something that will cost lots more to fix.


Preventing future incidents


  • You can hide an extra door key on a magnetic lockbox somewhere on the car’s exterior. Make sure it’s well concealed to prevent the risk of someone getting away with your car.
  • If you have an electronic lock system, train yourself to use it to lock the vehicle, so that you can’t ever lock the car without your keys in hand. Stop using the door handle locking system altogether.
  • Avoid giving the keys to the children as a plaything; they may lock you out inadvertently and not know what to do to reverse it.


Always have the phone number of emergency auto locksmiths in your area so they can quickly bail you out in case you are locked out of your car.