Tips for Winter


Winter will soon be upon us once again. One of the most common call outs I get this time of year are for keys locked in cars.

If you do decide to warm your car up before you leave home quick tip to remember: Always wined your window down enough, so in the event that your central locking shuts down you can always put your arm through to open the door.

The Emergence of Crossover Cars as the Preferred Family Vehicle


Recently, the struggling auto industry has been making headlines. The fact that the auto industry in various parts of the world is struggling is not news any more. Sales are on an all-time low, many auto-manufacturing plants have shut down and entire brands have been absorbed into other companies or killed altogether.

However, there is a bright side to all of these. Many families are now cruising in style thanks to developments in the manufacture of crossover cars. Crossover cars have seen an increase in sales and steady growth. Today, there are more than 70 crossover vehicles manufactured throughout Europe.

The term crossover was coined less than a decade ago when car lovers did not know how to classify crossover cars, but still bought them anyway. Today, the term compact SUVs and crossover cars are used interchangeably though recent developments are creating a clear distinction between the two.

Reasons why you should Consider Buying a Crossover Car

Fresh Styling
Auto manufacturers are now concentrating on keeping older car models fresh and making exciting new models. This is one of the reasons why sales from crossover cars are expected to stay on the rise.

Initially, crossover vehicles came into the limelight because of their close resemblance with SUVs. However, they were relatively less expensive. The earliest versions of crossover vehicles were inspired by exciting styles and designs.

Crossover vehicles are also heavily advertised and marketed. One of features that marketers strongly bring out is the styling of the cars. This makes customers develop a mental image that is based on aesthetics rather than technical features. This separates crossover cars from SUVs.

Marketers use various tactics to sell crossover vehicles. One of the tactics is to present crossover cars as an upgrade from wagons or sedans or a socially acceptable move of downscaling from SUVs to stylish family vehicles.

Improved Efficiency
Crossover cars provide many of the benefits of SUVs, but with fewer compromises. True, we cannot underestimate the power of most SUVs. However, as gas prices increased, many people began to realize that they do not need all the features of standard SUVs. Still, many people were reluctant to let go of all the perquisites of their SUVs including a lofty view as well as larger and more comfortable interiors. Therefore, crossovers found a slot in the middle ground.

Crossovers provide car comforts and have a unibody frame that allows car manufacturers to create cars with more interior space. They are capable of accommodating more passengers and cargo than standard SUVs.

Crossover cars have a lighter frame because they have given up some of the features of SUV vehicles. This means they have better fuel economy than standard SUVs. This is bad news for SUVs because crossover vehicles are competing well and auto manufacturers are using them to gain bragging rights wherever they can. Fuel economy is a big issue in the auto world, and crossover vehicles are winning the favour as far as fuel economy is concerned.

Competitive Pricing
The base price for cars across the segment is becoming increasingly competitive. This presents customers with a lot to consider. Many cars have a base price of around 20000 euros. Very few car models have a higher price. This means, buyers have greater variety when choosing cars. Crossover cars are generally more affordable than SUVs.

Early crossover manufacturers aimed for customers who wanted to keep the comforts of their SUVs, but also considered affordability and styling. The manufacturers made the price of the vehicle lower than standard SUVs and simplified the buying process. Today, crossover vehicles are relatively easier to customize and buy than many car models found in various showrooms.

One of the biggest disadvantages of SUVs is that they had a somewhat rough riding experience. Over time, the need for comfortable family vehicles grew and people started going for crossover vehicles. Crossover cars have better handling and provide improved ride because their design is based on car platforms and not trucks unlike SUVs.